We are launching a tea club for the older members of our community or for anyone who likes a natter! We’d like to invite all local seniors (who are welcome to bring their friends or carers) along for a mighty fine brew, the occasional homemade cake and the chance to have a natter with their neighbours.


We¹re hoping to build a regular opportunity to gather in Turnberrie’s Community Centre over a cuppa and develop activities of interest for those who attend.

If you are interested in joining our Mad Hatters Tea Party Club you can register your interest now to receive your token for the first session free. Thereafter, the monthly fee will be £2.50 towards costs.

Can you help spread the word? If you know anyone in the neighbourhood likely to be interested in this event, please let them know. We¹d love to have them along; the more, the merrier 

Email: enquiries@turnberries.co.uk
Tel: 01454 868485